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  1. Introduction
  2. Background to the Plan

Part One

  3. General strategy and Part One policies

Part Two

  4. The reasons for the Council's strategy
  5. Environment
  6. Housing
  7. Employment and economic activity
  8. Traffic and transportation
    Annex 1 - Parking policy standards
  9. Shopping and town centres
  10. Tourism and leisure
  11. Bexleyheath Town Centre
  12. Thames-side
  13. Community services
  14 Minerals and waste processing
  15. Monitoring and review

Maps and plans

  4.1 Context diagram
  7.1 Crayford Industrial Area
  9.1 Sidcup - Major district centre
  9.2 Crayford - Major district centre
  9.3 Erith - Major district centre
  9.4 Welling - Major district centre
  9.5 Blackfen - District centre
  9.6 Belvedere - District centre
  9.7 Northumberland Heath - District centre
  9.8 Old Bexley - District centre
  11.1 Bexleyheath – Strategic centre
  12.1 Thames Policy Area
  12.2 Erith Riverside Redevelopment areas referred to in Policy TS21
    Lesnes Abbey Woods Nature Reserve
    Danson Park Bog Garden Nature Reserve
    Foots Cray Meadows Nature Reserve
    Crossness Nature Reserve
  K. Controlled Parking Zones

Design and Development Control guidelines

  1. New residential development
  2. Extensions to houses
  3. Residential conversions
  4. Considerate design for the less agile
  5. Highways considerations in Development Control
  6. Erith Riverside
  7. Shopfronts and advertisements
  8. Industrial and commercial development
  9. Temporary planning permissions
  10. Playspace provision in new developments


  A Glossary
  B Local Nature Reserves
  C Areas and Sites of Nature Conservation
  D1 Statutorily listed buildings
  D2 Locally listed buildings
  D3 Scheduled ancient monuments
  D4 Registered historic parks and gardens
  E Conservation Areas
  F1 Housing provision in Bexley (April 2004)
  F2 Housing proposals schedule
  F3 Residential Areas of Special Character
  G Neighbourhood Centres
  H Hierarchy of public open space
  I Business land provision
  J Additional uses for which Policy E13 applies
  K Existing and proposed Controlled Parking Zones
  L Key indicators and targets for the UDP
  M Index to policies by subject
Policy list
Policy text


This Unitary Development Plan (UDP) was adopted by the Council on 28th April 2004. It replaces Bexley Councilís UDP (1996) and is a partial review of that Plan. The UDP contains the Council's intended policies and proposals for the borough.

The review of the UDP (1996), leading to the adoption of this Plan, was the subject of extensive consultation. The stages in the process to adoption are shown in the table over leaf.

UDPs, prepared by boroughs, should be consistent with national and regional planning policies and guidance. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the UDP is as up to date as possible at the time of adoption, emerging national and regional policy and guidance has, in some instances, came too late to be incorporated in this Plan.

In particular, the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, as amended by the GLA Act 1999, requires that UDPs are in general conformity with the London Plan before they are adopted.  The London Plan was published on 10th February 2004, after consultation on the Post Inquiry modifications to the UDP had taken place. It has not, therefore, been possible to fully reflect London Plan policies in this Plan. The Council has, however, considered the matter of general conformity with the London Plan and is of the view that the Unitary Development Plan meets the test of general conformity as defined by the Minister for Housing and Planning in his statement to the House of Commons on 19th April 2004.

The Council acknowledges that the London Plan is an important consideration in the determination of planning applications and will give due consideration to the appropriate weight to be attached to the London Plan policies in reaching planning decisions. In those instances where there is a difference in policy between the London Plan and the UDP, the Council will, in determining planning applications, attach significant weight to London Plan policies whilst also taking into account UDP policies, local circumstances and other material considerations.

The Council is committed to bringing to an early review those policy areas where there is an inconsistency between the UDP and the London Plan. These will be a priority in the production of the Local Development Framework.

It is, however, the Councilís intention to undertake a full review of this Plan, leading to adoption of a new Plan within 3 years.