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Boundary of the London Bourough of Bexley on this plan
Metropolitan Green Belt - Policies G12,ENV1-13Metropolitan Green Belt
Metropolitan Open Land - Policies G13,ENV14-16Metropolitan Open Land
Boundary of South East London Green Chain - Policies G26,ENV17 & 18Boundary of South East London Green Chain
Urban Open Space - Policies G27,ENV19Urban Open Space
Educational Buildings and Playing Fields - Policies G27,ENV20,COM1 & 2Educational Buildings and Playing Fields
Allotments - Policies G27,ENV21Allotments
Heritage Land - PoliciesG26,ENV22Heritage Land
Area of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation - Policies G26,ENV23Area of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation
Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation - Policies G26,ENV24Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation
Site of Local Importance for Nature Conservation - Policies G26,ENV25Site of Local Importance for Nature Conservation
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - Policies G26,ENV32 & 33Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Strategic Views - Policies G26,ENV39Strategic Views
Conservation Area - Policies G26,ENV46-49Conservation Area
Area of Archaeological Search - Policies G26,ENV56Area of Archaeological Search
Primarily Residential Use - Policies G15,H1-19Primarily Residential Use
Residential Areas of Special Character - Policies G15,H5Residential Areas of Special Character
Shopping and Town Centres
Strategic Centre Boundary - Policies G11,SHO1,BTC1-16Strategic Centre Boundary
Major District Centre Boundary - Policies G11,SHO2, SHO4, SHO5, SHO9-19, SHO(SID)1-2,SHO(CRAY)1-3, SHO(ERI)1-5,SHO(WEL)1-2Major District Centre Boundary
District Centre Boundary - Policies G11,SHO(BLA)1,SHO(BEL)1,SHO(NOR)1,SHO(BEX)1-2District Centre Boundary
Neighbourhood Centres - Policies G11,SHO6Neighbourhood Centres
Core Shopping Frontage - Policies G11,SHO4Core Shopping Frontage
Non Core Shopping Frontage - Policies G11,SHO5Non Core Shopping Frontage
Shopping or Town Centre Proposal - Policies G11,SHO3,SHO(ERI)3Shopping or Town Centre Proposal
Primary Employment Area - Policies G14,G24,E3Primary Employment Area
Secondary Employment Area - Policies G14,E4Secondary Employment Area
Special Industrial Zone - Policies G14,E13,WAS2Special Industrial Zone
Preferred Office Location - Policies G14,E14Preferred Office Location
Thames-side Special Policy Areas
Thamesmead / Belvedere Development Sites - Policies TS1Thamesmead / Belvedere Development Sites
Crossness Sewage Treatment Works - Policies TS16Crossness Sewage Treatment Works
Former British Gypsum Site - Policies G14,G24,TS2Former British Gypsum Site
Erith Quarry - Policies TS3 & 4Erith Quarry
Manor Road (North West), Erith - Policies TS5Manor Road (North West), Erith
Crayford Ness - Policies G14,G24,TS9 & 10Crayford Ness
Slade Green Industrial Area - Policies G14,G24,TS12Slade Green Industrial Area
The Saltings - Policies TS18The Saltings
Crayford Marshes - Policies G12,G26,ENV23,TS19Crayford Marshes
Thames-side Policies Covering Industrial Areas
Belvedere Industrial Estate - Policies G14,G24,TS6Belvedere Industrial Estate
Europa Estate, Fraser Road, Erith - Policies G14,G24,TS7Europa Estate, Fraser Road, Erith
Manor Road Industrial Estate, Erith - Policies G14,G24,TS8Manor Road Industrial Estate, Erith
Thames Road, Crayford - Policies G14,G24,TS11Thames Road, Crayford
Strategic Road - Policies G18,G21,T6Strategic Road
London Distributor Road - Policies G18,G21,T6London Distributor Road
Borough Distributor Road - Policies G18,G21,T6Borough Distributor Road
Proposed New Road / Major Road Improvement - Policies G19,T7Proposed New Road / Major Road Improvement
Existing and Proposed Cycle Network - Policies G17,T14Existing and Proposed Cycle Network
Existing and Proposed Recreational Paths - Policies ENV26,TAL8,-10,TAL12Existing and Proposed Recreational Paths
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