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Boundary of the London Bourough of Bexley on this plan
Metropolitan Green Belt - Policies G12,ENV1-13Metropolitan Green Belt
Metropolitan Open Land - Policies G13,ENV14-16Metropolitan Open Land
Boundary of South East London Green Chain - Policies G26,ENV17 & 18Boundary of South East London Green Chain
Urban Open Space - Policies G27,ENV19Urban Open Space
Educational Buildings and Playing Fields - Policies G27,ENV20,COM1 & 2Educational Buildings and Playing Fields
Allotments - Policies G27,ENV21Allotments
Heritage Land - PoliciesG26,ENV22Heritage Land
Area of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation - Policies G26,ENV23Area of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation
Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation - Policies G26,ENV24Site of Borough Importance for Nature Conservation
Site of Local Importance for Nature Conservation - Policies G26,ENV25Site of Local Importance for Nature Conservation
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) - Policies G26,ENV32 & 33Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Strategic Views - Policies G26,ENV39Strategic Views
Conservation Area - Policies G26,ENV46-49Conservation Area
Area of Archaeological Search - Policies G26,ENV56Area of Archaeological Search
Primarily Residential Use - Policies G15,H1-19Primarily Residential Use
Residential Areas of Special Character - Policies G15,H5Residential Areas of Special Character
Shopping and Town Centres
Strategic Centre Boundary - Policies G11,SHO1,BTC1-16Strategic Centre Boundary
Major District Centre Boundary - Policies G11,SHO2, SHO4, SHO5, SHO9-19, SHO(SID)1-2,SHO(CRAY)1-3, SHO(ERI)1-5,SHO(WEL)1-2Major District Centre Boundary
District Centre Boundary - Policies G11,SHO(BLA)1,SHO(BEL)1,SHO(NOR)1,SHO(BEX)1-2District Centre Boundary
Neighbourhood Centres - Policies G11,SHO6Neighbourhood Centres
Core Shopping Frontage - Policies G11,SHO4Core Shopping Frontage
Non Core Shopping Frontage - Policies G11,SHO5Non Core Shopping Frontage
Shopping or Town Centre Proposal - Policies G11,SHO3,SHO(ERI)3Shopping or Town Centre Proposal
Primary Employment Area - Policies G14,G24,E3Primary Employment Area
Secondary Employment Area - Policies G14,E4Secondary Employment Area
Special Industrial Zone - Policies G14,E13,WAS2Special Industrial Zone
Preferred Office Location - Policies G14,E14Preferred Office Location
Thames-side Special Policy Areas
Thamesmead / Belvedere Development Sites - Policies TS1Thamesmead / Belvedere Development Sites
Crossness Sewage Treatment Works - Policies TS16Crossness Sewage Treatment Works
Former British Gypsum Site - Policies G14,G24,TS2Former British Gypsum Site
Erith Quarry - Policies TS3 & 4Erith Quarry
Manor Road (North West), Erith - Policies TS5Manor Road (North West), Erith
Crayford Ness - Policies G14,G24,TS9 & 10Crayford Ness
Slade Green Industrial Area - Policies G14,G24,TS12Slade Green Industrial Area
The Saltings - Policies TS18The Saltings
Crayford Marshes - Policies G12,G26,ENV23,TS19Crayford Marshes
Thames-side Policies Covering Industrial Areas
Belvedere Industrial Estate - Policies G14,G24,TS6Belvedere Industrial Estate
Europa Estate, Fraser Road, Erith - Policies G14,G24,TS7Europa Estate, Fraser Road, Erith
Manor Road Industrial Estate, Erith - Policies G14,G24,TS8Manor Road Industrial Estate, Erith
Thames Road, Crayford - Policies G14,G24,TS11Thames Road, Crayford
Strategic Road - Policies G18,G21,T6Strategic Road
London Distributor Road - Policies G18,G21,T6London Distributor Road
Borough Distributor Road - Policies G18,G21,T6Borough Distributor Road
Proposed New Road / Major Road Improvement - Policies G19,T7Proposed New Road / Major Road Improvement
Existing and Proposed Cycle Network - Policies G17,T14Existing and Proposed Cycle Network
Existing and Proposed Recreational Paths - Policies ENV26,TAL8,-10,TAL12Existing and Proposed Recreational Paths
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Conservation Area
G26 - General strategy - conservation of the natural and built environment
ENV47 - Environment - Conservation Areas - demolition
ENV48 - Environment - Conservation Areas - new designations and boundary changes
ENV49 - Environment - Conservation Areas - preservation and enhancement

This Policy Selector list does not necessarily contain all the Policies that pertain to this subject. Additionally, there may be associated Appendices and Design and Development Control Guidelines. Please refer to the Table of Contents and the Policy List for additional information.